Who We Are

Livestock Industries Foundation for Africa (LIFA) is a non-profit organization whose objectives are directed towards rural development and transformation amongst rural farmers. Our initiatives as a non-profit organization is to channel the knowledge and information gained over the years as charity for livestock farmers and the society at large.

We serve as a medium through which rural farmers can get involved in livestock industry development while reducing vulnerability to food insecurity and poverty but enhancing a better standard of living.

We work with Government, private organizations, researchers, and individuals to find lasting solution(s) to problem(s) associated with the livestock industry. We engage in these so as to develop the industry, assist farmers and their families alleviate poverty, enhance food security and consequently boost the economy of African nations.

The organization is predicated on Dr. Stephen Adejoro’s decades of field practice and studies that are knowledge capitalized. This pool of knowledge acts as solution tools and for the mitigation of mycotoxin challenges, vaccination failures, livestock disasters, and safe water challenges in poultry food chain production in Africa.

We are equipped with knowledge capitalized to improve the livelihood of rural livestock entrepreneurs in Africa.

What We Do


  • We advocate for national inclusion of LEGS (Livestock Emergency Guideline and Standard) as an appropriate tool to be used by NEMA (National Emergency Management Agency) and other disaster agencies in Africa for the mitigation of livestock disaster so as to improve livestock owner's livelihood.

  • We help minimize conflict between Fulani herdsmen and arable farmers by advocating for the creation of social enterprises.

  • We advocate for regulated vaccination of premium birds in Nigeria against avian influenza.


  • We participate in project restart and policy formulation.

  • We support livestock programs aimed at ensuring animal food security and poverty alleviation

  • We set up plan of action for any livestock intervention program or policy.


  • We assist farmers by researching into the major causes of vaccination failures so as to prevent future occurrences thereby helping them enhance productivity and making them less vulnerable to poverty.

  • We conduct experimental field trials on appropriate vaccination schedule for major diseases like Marek's Disease, Newcastle Disease, and Fowl Cholera amongst others.


  • We conduct massive education of poultry farmers and live-birds sellers on biosecurity and health tips aimed at minimizing the risks of epidemics.

  • We collaborate with Government, private organizations, researchers, and individuals to educate livestock owners especially on problems affecting livestock farming.


  • We collect relevant information in the field for livestock implementation program and food security.

  • We process and analyze livestock data and present them in structured format for the purpose of research and farmers education.

  • We provide information on mycotoxin, safe water, disaster mitigation and infectious viral diseases (Avian Influenza and Marek) to livestock owners.

  • We provide a rich livestock portfolio of cattle fattening program and poultry production as a tool for wealth creation among women retirees and youth in rural and sub-urban locations in Africa.

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