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We share knowledge to improve Africa's livestock industry, Develop a mycotoxin mitigation scheme and ensure safe water and effective vaccination.

Animal Food Security

Rural Development

Poverty Alleviation


Access a rich portfolio of infograph pictures, lectures and seminar pictures including our field support pictures.


You can access our graphic informations to see our campaigns and what we stand for.

Lectures and Seminars

We present to you series of pictures taken on invitation to lectures and seminars and training.

Field Support

Access pictures of our on-field support initiatives.

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How To Access Our Resources

Our resources are completely free and can be accessed by anyone. We share these resources so you can improve Africa's livestock industry and develop a sustainable agriculture. Please register and Login to access our resources.


Knowledge Resources

Knowledge capitalized

Our organization believes in knowledge sharing as means to develop agriculture for food security, poverty alleviation and rural development.

Resources for wealth creation

Our resources are available in form of videos, manuscripts, publications, lectures, e-books, reviews and many more. We will continuously add mores resources for your benefit..


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